Media Credentials

If you missed the registration deadline to submit Media Credentials and are still interested in covering Latino Fashion Week you must meet the following requirements. If you meet the requirements, you agree to the following and you must register at the Media Table upon Check In.

  1. Be one of the following: Photographer, Videographer , Blogger or Editor for a Magazine or Newspaper
  2. Provide your business card at check in
  3. You understand that you are on official assignment as a representative of the news/media outlet listed in this application.
  4. You understand that Latino Fashion Week credentials provide access to specified event(s) only, and Latino Fashion Week representatives reserve the right to determine the level of access granted to credential holders.
  5. You understand that credentials do not automatically include a seat or permission for access to backstage areas at venue.
  6. You understand that photos or video taken at Latino Fashion Week events are authorized for publication only in the media outlet(s) listed on this application.
  7. You understand that (1.) credentials must be worn at all times, (2.) credentials cannot be copied and are not transferable, (3.) credentials can be revoked at any time, and (4.) the credential holder assumes all risk in case of accident.
  8. You must check in at Media table in order to receive your LFW PRESS PASS.
  9. If you cover this LFW 2014 event, you will be required to submit links to ALL video and articles written or produced for this event.  High resolution photos and video must be submitted on a CD or Dropbox.  All must be submitted to LFW within 1-3 days after the event.

  10. Share our LFW Events on your favorite social media site(s).

Contact LFW by phone (773-733-7152) or email if you have any questions.